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Below are just a few of the questions we get asked in the studio.


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  • Can I drink coffee or alcohol before a procedure?
    We ask that you refrain from blood-thinning substances 24 hours before your appointment. E.g., caffeine, alcohol, fish oil, turmeric supplements, and blood thinning medications (CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST)!
  • Why should I refrain from turmeric, fish oil, caffeine, and alcohol before my procedure?
    They are known as blood thinners. We don't want a lot of bleeding when the needle touches the skin. When you consume these things, the more you will bleed during the procedure and the more chance of scabbing you will have. The pigment can be picked out with the scab. This will result in a longer process for achieving what you want.
  • What is the cost of a medical tattoo?
    The cost of a Medical tattoo can vary depending on the area we are treating. However, it is usually in the range of $350-$1500 by the body area. We will discuss the exact price during the consultation.
  • What is the healing process like?
    Healing time is 4-8 weeks. It varies depending on each individual. The skin will be red and inflamed immediately after the procedure; sunburn-type soreness goes away in a day or two. Redness remains for 1-2 weeks, turns light brown between 2-4 weeks, then starts fading between 4-8 weeks. Between 6-8 weeks, you will come back for a touchup, which is covered in the initial cost. Some people may need to come back a third or fourth time, it dramatically varies as all scarring is different, and we are working with already compromised skin. Therefore, it can take a little longer to achieve the desired results. You may or may not experience dryness and peeling.
  • Will it hurt, and do you use numbing cream?
    Medical tattoo/ scar camouflage penetrates the skin. Therefore, a small amount of discomfort will be experienced. The majority of clients do not require numbing cream. We have found it is better if we don't use numbing cream to avoid interference with the purity and insertion of pigment into the skin. However, there are some procedures we do use numbing for the client's comfort. Please discuss your case during your consultation.
  • Can I get tattooed if I'm tanned?
    We won't be able to match the exact skin tone if you are tanned. For best results, please come when the skin returns to its normal skin tone.
  • Do I need a consultation for scar camouflage?
    A free face-to-face or online consultation will kick off your journey with. We will talk about your medical history and any concerns you may have throughout your session. Additionally, a tiny skin patch test will be done to ensure that you and your skin can tolerate the pigment, if necessary.
  • Am I a candidate for scar camouflage?
    The scar camouflage technique can be used to conceal scars, burns, and other skin flaws brought on by operations and accidents.
  • Can you camouflage birthmarks?
    Technically you can cover it up, and some artists may be happy to do this. However, at Medical Tattoo Denver, we do NOT offer this. It is not recommended by doctors, as the birthmark can change color or texture or even spread to the surrounding area due to the trauma of the needle.
  • How many scar camouflage sessions do I need?
    Most people see 20-80% improvement with each session, depending on the skin's ability to restore collagen and elastin and retain the ink. Deeper and broader scarring will take more sessions to achieve what we want.
  • I have a tummy tuck surgery scar. How do I know if I'm a candidate for a scar camouflage tattoo?
    In general, scars need to be one year or older. After that, it depends on the scar. Please send us pics of your scar for a phone consultation or book an in-person consultation to discuss what can be done. Email:
  • Can I get scar camouflage when pregnant or breastfeeding?
    Wait until you finish breastfeeding or six months after giving birth. This is when your body regulates hormone levels.
  • Is an areola tattoo safe?
    Areola tattooing is just as risk-free as other tattooing techniques. The risk of infection is very low when an artist employs appropriate sterilizing and hygiene procedures.
  • How many sessions do I need for 3D Areola, 3D Bellybutton, and 3D Toenail?
    Most people see 20-80% improvement with each session, depending on the skin's ability to restore collagen and elastin and retain the ink. Some people will take four sessions, while others will be done in two sessions. We have found that 80% of people will be done in two sessions.
  • I want to do areola scar camouflage for breast surgery scars. I want to make my areolas smaller and cover the scar with skin-tone ink to match the surrounding skin.
    We don't recommend it as the results won't look natural as most areolas are darker than the surrounding skin. It is best to camouflage tattoo the scar with the color of areolas. Therefore, the size of areolas can slightly become bigger. In some cases, we can do this; however, it must be discussed thoroughly during the consultation.


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